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Diseased pancreas

  1. Pancreas and pain location
  2. Symptoms
  3. Causes
  4. Treatment

The pancreas is an organ secreting digestive enzymes into the lumen of the upper intestine. Its diseases often come out as pain syndrome and digestive disorders. What to do if the pancreas is painful? Be sure to visit a doctor.

Diseased pancreas

Pancreas and pain location

The pancreas anatomically locates behind the peritoneum (stomach). Its head is encircled by the duodenum, long body is almost horizontal at the level of the upper lumbar vertebrae and the tail is next to the spleen and left kidney.

In acute pancreatitis, the pancreas intensively hurts in the left or right subcostal area, in the upper abdominal cavity.

Chronic pancreas diseases can cause pain in different locations:

  • in the left abdomen;
  • in the right or left subcostal area with encircling;
  • near the xiphoid and in the lower sternum;
  • in the back and lower back;
  • in the upper and middle abdominal cavity.


The pancreas is an external secretion organ, that is, it secretes enzymes, as well as hormones, the main one of which is insulin. Therefore, when the pancreas hurts, it suffers, as well as digestive system. In severe cases, with the pancreas majority destructed, the diabetes develops.

The main signs of organ inflamed:

  • pressing, burning pains in the pancreas, that is, in the left subcostal area and in the epigastric area, encircling, irradiating in the back caused by diet failed;
  • profuse non-soothing vomiting;
  • tendency to liquid stool getting greasy;
  • bloating;
  • poor appetite, weight loss is possible;
  • icterus of the mucous membrane and skin.


Pain in pancreas can arise from its injuries, stones developed in the excretory ducts, tumors of the organ itself or neighboring formations. However, the key reason for this symptom emerged is inflammation or pancreatitis.

Why a pain syndrome occurs? It can be provoked by the following factors:

  • liver and bile duct disease;
  • alcoholism;
  • pathology of the stomach and duodenum;
  • low-protein diet;
  • food allergy;
  • viral infections;
  • metabolic disorders, cystic fibrosis;
  • pancreas injury.



If the pancreas aches, the treatment may be different, but the main principles are given in the table.

Dietary food

Low fat, protein, frequent little food taking, refusal of alcohol, spices, irritants



Antispasmodic drugs

M-receptor blockers

Antacid preparations

H2-histamine receptor blockers

Proton Pump Inhibitors


Replacement enzyme therapy

Important preparation features:

  • high level of lipase;
  • membrane protecting enzymes from acting gastric juice;
  • small size of internal granules;
  • lack in bile acids.

The optimal option for treating pancreatitis is preparation called Micrazim®, with pancreatin contained. This substance is a natural hormone of the pancreas.

Correction of vitamin deficiency

B vitamins and fat-soluble

Normalization of carbohydrate metabolism

Insulin is prescribed with great caution if highly recommended by the doctor

Reversal of toxicity

Albumin, solutions for intravenous entering

Symptomatic therapy

Elimination of bloating with intestinal sorbents, for example, preparation named Filtrum. It effectively binds particles of undigested substances, gases, recovers intestinal motility.

Which way to treat pancreatic diseases is determined by the doctor after the diagnosis proven.

Important: Before applied, read the instructions or consult your doctor.

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