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How to take Micrasim® to eliminate the effects of poisoning?

When poisoning the work of the entire digestive system is disoredered. In this process the pancreas is also involved, up to the development of toxic pancreatitis. Its secretory function reduces, which leads to the development of enzyme deficiency. As a result, digestion and assimilation of food deteriorate, there are intestinal disorders, the process of recovery after poisoning is slowed down.

That is why enzyme drugs must be included in the treatment regimen for poisonings of various origins. Their use makes it possible to compensate for the insufficient function of the pancreas, helps to reduce the severity of diarrhea and flatulence.

Enzymes are prescribed after the elimination of symptoms of acute intoxication and the cessation of vomiting, when the patient is already starting to take food. Despite the fact that, at first, his diet is sparing and consists of easily digestible products, enzyme drugs are an obligatory addition to the therapeutic diet and are taken with every meal.

In this case, the preference is given to modern drugs with minimal irritating effect - for example, Micrasim®. Its capsules contain enterosoluble microgranules with pancreatin, which if necessary can be mixed directly with the received semi-liquid or puree food. The required dose of Micrasim® is determined by the doctor, taking into account the severity of the enzyme deficiency.

Such enzyme replacement therapy is continued after eliminating all symptoms of poisoning, usually for several months. This allows to remove partially the load from the affected pancreas and to recover fully.

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