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What distinguishes enzymes in capsules from tablets?

The main differences between tableted and encapsulated forms of enzyme drugs:

  • The rate at which they enter the intestine, where they should act. Enzymes from capsules leave the stomach much faster than their tableted analogs. So, they start acting earlier.
  • Effect on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. Gelatin capsules are neutral and rapidly dissolve in the lumen of the stomach, without irritating its walls. Tablets can mechanically affect the mucosa, which can cause some discomfort with gastritis, esophagitis, duodenitis.
  • Achievement of effective concentration in zone of action. Tablets dissolve gradually. At the same time, they, along with the food gruel, manage to move to the lower parts of the digestive tract. And it turns out that in the physiological zone of action of pancreatin (in the 12-duodenum) the concentration of the enzyme is not always sufficient. Capsules have no this shortage. The enzyme from them is released quickly, in the lower part of the stomach. And the maximum amount of pancreatin enters the 12-duodenum. Though, some part of it is already inactive, since it began to act even in the stomach. This effect can be avoided by using Micrasim®.

Micrasim® advantageously differs from many other enzyme drugs that are available in the form of capsules. The active substance (pancreatin) has a double protection: the outer gelatinous shell and enterosoluble walls of microgranules, which are also called pellets.

These pellets dissolve only when they get into the alkaline medium. In the digestive tract it is in the lumen of the duodenum and in the lower parts of the small intestine. Therefore, opening Micrasim® capsule and dissolving the gelatin shell in the stomach does not lead to loss of enzyme activity, unlike other encapsulated drugs.

Thanks to microgranules, pancreatin becomes active only after leaving the stomach – in the same place where enzymes are extracted from own pancreas. Therefore, the digestion under the action of Micrasim® does not differ much in the mechanism from the natural.

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