Micrasim / FAQ / Is it safe to take enzyme drugs for digestion?

Is it safe to take enzyme drugs for digestion?

Modern enzyme drugs, while observing the rules of admission, have a high safety profile. This is due to a number of factors:

  • Enzyme drugs are of natural origin. They do not compete with own digestive juices, but complement their action. The process of digestion does not differ from the physiological, because the mechanism of action of the secreted and additionally introduced enzymes is the same.
  • Enzyme drugs are not addictive and do not suppress the work of own digestive glands, although they allow the pancreas to work in a sparing mode.
  • Enzymes taken in the form of drugs cannot accumulate in the organism. They are "spent" on digesting the received amount of food. And the unclaimed remains move to the lower intestine, where they are inactivated and partially destroyed.
  • The enzymes additionally introduced are not able to absorb, therefore they act only in the lumen of the digestive tract. The zone of their functional activity is the upper parts of the small intestine. And their effect on the work of the stomach and large intestine is mediate, by normalizing the process of digesting food.

 In addition, the use of Micrasim® allows to minimize the risk of concomitant irritation of the mucosa and to avoid the premature activation of enzymes.

 Micrasim® capsules contain many microgranules, the shell of which dissolves only in alkaline medium. Therefore, it is resistant to the action of saliva and gastric juice, does not break down when the drug is mixed with food, water and acidic drinks. Enzymes from microgranules of Micrasim ® are released only when they get into the duodenum - exactly where they should have an effect.

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